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A Story Told is a novel, and the first part of an epic saga that dives into the battle between Light and Darkness. This exciting story which combines the aspects of a thriller, fantasy, and all out action-adventure is rooted in Biblical Scripture. It shows how one can endure any trial and tribulation with faith, love and sacrifice. 



Radix Malorum, the root of all evil, is a name that has been feared for almost two thousand years. Given the name Radix at birth in Ancient Greece because he was the “root” of his parents’ love, this shadowy harbinger of death has earned his last name, which was given to him much later in life. The product of a Faustian deal with the Prince of Darkness, Radix possesses unimaginable powers. The most notable of his powers is the fact that he cannot be killed. Death has chased him for most of his existence, but all that Death has been able to collect is the souls of Radix’s countless victims.


It is the year 2000, and a young man named Nathaniel Salvatore is Radix’s next intended target. Following the command of Satan, Radix must slay certain men and women who show signs of threatening his dark plans. These selected individuals must die by the turn of each century in order for Radix to keep his deal with the Prince of Darkness.


Now all that Nathan had learned in Catholic School has become a real part of his life, more real than anything he has ever known. In the course of his journey, Nathan must endure many trials and tribulations, not to mention encounters with angels, demons, and even the Devil himself. His only goal is to survive the certain death that awaits him at the hands of Radix. If Nathan can live to the year 2001, then and only then can Radix be defeated and his soul be condemned to Hell for eternity.


Will Nathan become the hero of destiny, or will he just die trying – another victim in Radix’s merciless slaughter. Heaven and Hell are unleashed in an epic battle for the salvation of the human race. It all begins with A Story Told.



The war between Heaven and Hell continues each and everyday. Heroes have risen to victory, even some at the cost of their own death. The Darkness is on the move, and is looking to not only spread its evil across the universe, but also destroy it in its wake.


Legion, a soul bonded to thousands of demons, has awaken – a true child of the Darkness. Christ had the chance to banish him into the Abyss, though He had chosen not to. After being trapped by one of the Magi priests in a disc centuries ago, this vile creature was released when the great hero Nathan had journeyed down Mount Sinai on his quest to defeat the sinister Radix.


Lyles, Ravenblade, and Puck are now joined by new friends and allies to take on this beast and once again save the world from utter destruction. Can our heroes rise to the challenge and find a way to conquer such an enemy that claims his own power to be god-like?


In a nonstop thrill ride of epic proportions, the war between good and evil continues to be waged. According to scriptures Good will prevail, but even with victory comes the scars of war. The battle goes on, the story still told, but can the Darkness be overcome, or is this only the beginning of the End. Victory can be had, and evil defeated for once and for all, but only if it is done In His Name.



Darkness was over the face of the deep, but then God said, “Let there be light!” Now Darkness has returned to the Earth, brought there by Satan’s own daughter, Pandora, and her general, the Dark One.

The Three Days of Darkness have fallen on the Earth as prophesied centuries ago. After the three days have come to an end and the proper sacrifice is made, then the true embodiment of all evil – the Darkness itself – will come from the Abyss to destroy the Earth as it did to all the
other worlds in the universe.

God’s chosen heroes are ready to face the Darkness, and His Holy Spirit is with them. With faith and courage they will battle the evil that has come to destroy the Earth, and save it from the present Darkness.

A war is being waged for the souls of men and women everywhere, and the fight is more spiritual than it is physical, but each hero is ready to risk their life. For death is not the end, but if they fail the end of the world could come. The only way to stop the Darkness and bring an end to its terror is with God, through the awesome power of His Might!

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