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Man or Machine:

Original Series

Roger Jones awakes in a body he does not recognize. In fact all of his memories seem to be gone. Who is this hulking juggernaut of a man who has super human strength and the ability to heal from wounds? And what does the Chaldean - the leader of an underground force known as the Children of the Dragon - want with him?

All this to be discovered as Roger learns to use his powers to fight for truth, justice, and the Lord of Creation.

Man or Machine:


The Intense Special Ops Division of the Federal Department of Supernatural Research are back in action as they face the fall out of Of His Might, and the new terror of the Unseen who have taken residence in New York City.

The Unseen, a band of vampirelike demons, look to raise their lord and master, Cassius, a fallen angel from his prison of darkness in order to remake the world in his image and likeness - just as they were remade by his blood. The world will either join their ranks or become their food unless Shanson, Jael and the rest of their comrades can stop them, relying on strength from God. 

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