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Hey True Believers and Stroytellers!

Thank you all for being the best most loving Tribe I know! When we know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are all part of God's family and that makes us brothers and sisters in faith and grace.

Let the Story Be Told!

God Bless!

Chris LoParco is an artist and author whose love for God is first and foremost in his life. He has a strong passion to serve the Lord, and everything he creates is for God's glory! As a father he is raising his children up to also be strong men of God who exemplify the life of Christ in all they do. 


The Novels, online stories, artwork, and products that Chris creates all point to the ultimate Creator.


Chris loves to spread the Gospel as he travels the world over - especially to China and other countries in South East Asia, and any place God calls him to be.  

His goal is to spread the love and salvation that only Christ can bring with everyone he meets. 

So stay tuned, and join the ever growing Tribe of True Believers and Storytellers, as we work to Let HIS Story be Told!

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