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Want to wish all of and your families a very blessed 2021! I know we are already a couple days in and it feels a lot like 2020, but God is moving, He never rests. May He give you hope and courage in this new year to live even bolder than you have before for Him, and get all the things out of life that He freely offers with His love.

Man or Machine season 2 will continue on Feb 1, with only 2 episodes left. The series is finished and there will be 1 more season after that with 12 new action packed episodes. Hope you are all enjoying reading the series as much as I writing it.

As the story of our heroes builds, I would like to announce that the first draft of OF MIS MIGHT, what will be the third novel in the A STORY TOLD series, is complete and sent off to my amazing editor Paul McIntire. I can't thank Paul enough for all he has done to help me with this entire series as he was with me from the beginning! God truly blessed me for putting him in my life. He truly was an answer to prayer!

Looking forward to this new year and all the blessings it will bring. Hope you all stay blessed and keep reading! (Especially your Bibles!!!!)

God Bless,

Chris LoParco

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